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P/s: All drawing about SPECIAL PET in the file SPECIAL PET! while R5xS5's Doujin & CS in their own file! Please noticed this...=,=


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Only if... I by Aeiyrra-42
Only if... I
Get bored, so I go through my tag in tumblr and found this post, I decided to draw the 'situation' and walaaaa!!
P/S: Icon follows the one in my tumblr

Anyway let's welcome new season of Uta no Prince-sama~ :iconhappyblueplz:
This Cinderella is my Prince Charming III by Aeiyrra-42
This Cinderella is my Prince Charming III
Honestly I haven't listen to this song, but due to Pokota's picture in twitter....I got this idea. Anyone who have listen his song, plz share with me :33

This Cinderella is my Prince Charming I by Aeiyrra-42
This Cinderella is my Prince Charming I
Short doujin for V-day thingy and dedicated for Pokota's newest single; Kurayami no Cinderella. I get this idea based on Pokota that crossdress (again) ;P [previous art]

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There’s a lot of event had happened and I already lost track in all my fandom because distracted by the world’s crisis...especially MH17 and Gaza Under Attack incidents. I beg for your kindness to pray for our HUMANITY and hope all this will return to normal :(

So, around middle or end of 2013, the company that release Tsukiuta series (if I not mistake it’s called ‘Movic’?), announced that they will Random DUET the Tsukiuta’s months. far only MEN’s DUET and they will be random duet among their team only (which is, Male!December-May:  Six Gravity and Male!June-November:  Procellarum).

And another good news that I received (well, I’m bit missed this series a few moments which, they decided to continue the WOMEN’s album for Procellarum team!! YAAYYY :icon: that means, MORE SONGS AND MORE FEMALE SEIYUU (they already announced who the seiyuu :33) [they announced in twitter thou]

So let me list down the DUET album first then later I’ll list down the female character of June-November a.k.a Seleas team (Female! December-May called as ‘Fluna’) ;3 //wahhh I have a lot of time to waste today XDDD//

Tsukiuta Duet Album

What is tsukiuta about? Go read here 
Password A42

>>Six Gravity[December-May]: Shiwasu Kakeru(CV: Kaji Yuki), Mutsuki Hajime (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), Kisaragi Koi (CV: Masuda Toshiki), Yayoi Haru (CV: Maeno Tomoaki), Uzuki Arata (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa), Satsuki Aoi (CV: KENN)

>>Procellarum [June-November]: Minazuki Rui (CV: Aoi Shouta), Fuzuki Kai (Hatano Wataru), Hazuki You (Kakihara Tetsuya), Nagatsuki Yoru (CV: Kondo Takashi), Kannazuki Iku (CV: Ono Kensho), Shimotsuki Shun (CV: Kimura Ryohei)

P/S: They released based on the month lead the album and their composer (still same composer with previous collection) :3


Six Gravity Team;-

December x February feat. Satsuki ga Tenkomori

Datte Mada Mada Avant Title | Lyrics 

January x March feat. Machigerita

Koi Wasurenagusa | Lyrics 

February x December feat. Nijihara Peperon

Inocencia | Lyrics 

March x January feat. YuuyuP

Hajimari no Haru | Lyrics 

April x May feat. ChouchoP

Rainy Day | Lyrics []

May x April feat. NEM

Tsuki to, Boshi to, Maboroshi to | Lyrics 


Procellarum Team;-

June x October feat. Yoyoyuppe

Childish Flower | Lyrics 

July x November feat. Hitoshizuku and Yama

Kimi ni hana o, Kimi ni hoshi o  | Lyrics

August x September feat. Utata-P

DA☆KAI | Lyrics

September x August feat. Ji~yon (John)

Awai Hana | Lyrics

October x June feat. takamatt


November x July feat. Kikuo

Celestite | Lyrics


[News] Seleas team (Female! June-November)

Terase Yuno feat. Yoyoyuppe (CV: Satou Rina)
= You can so-called her as tomboyish and she is ‘Prince’ in Selene Academy ((she higher than Rui and stronger than him; Rui a bit hurt because of this fact XDD)) but she loves cute things and her tension goes up just by looking at it. She excellent in sport and bestfriend with Lady of July

((I can’t find the post in official twitter, I’ll ask master of tsukiuta first about this :O))

Motomiya Matsuri feat. Utata-P (CV:  Otsubo Yuka)
= She is a mad scientist. Loves doing experiment, inventing and festivals...and she could be so excited once she into something. Bestfriend with Akane (September’s Girl)

Asagiri Akane feat. Ji~yon (John) (CV: Fukuhara Kaori)
= A grandmother’s kid, a gentle and cheerful older sister. While taking care of her 2 younger brothers, who’s skillful with their mouths, she’s doing her best to aim to be a goddess! ((She and Yoru just perfect partner for me X33))

Ichisaki Rena feat. takamatt (CV: Kurosawa Tomoya)
= Cheerful and famous lady. Loves manga and anime ((WE HAVE OTAKU HERE XDDD))

Tendouin Tsubaki feat. Kikuo (CV: Uesaka Sumire)
= Freedom-loving unpredictable mysterious-type. The White Witch, sings love using poison-filled words.Tsubaki is also the December girl Kurisu’s childhood friend/ rival/ kouhai. ((she somewhat reminds me to Belarus...creepy...-w-|||))

P/S: Tsukiuta announced will get anime but the airing and what studio animated is still unknown :/
Credits goes to: & airavalky.blogspot


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